Looking Into 10 Important Facts About Farming in the United States


If you thought that the United States of America is all about tall buildings and urbanization, you thought wrong. As a matter of fact, about 900 million acres of land in the U.S.A are exclusively farm lands. Agriculture is one of the major industries in the U.S.; that being said, America is actually considered as a net exporter of food.

aerial view farm

Oftentimes, agriculture and those who work in this industry are underrated. Not many people realize the real importance of the role of farmers in the economy of the United States. Perhaps, even you don’t know much about this topic.

With that said, we want to equip you with more facts about the United States’ farming history and community as this is one way of acknowledging the people behind the success of this large industry.

The Agricultural Facts

  • Although the U.S. has around 2 million farms, these farm and ranch families are only 2% of the United States’ population.
  • The U.S. exports products to world markets more than they import. This marks an impressive agricultural balance in their economy.
  • Most farms are family owned. Hence, many families prefer to live in areas like that of Liberty Hill,  Equestrian Ranch for cows as well as many other livestock.
  • America’s agriculture industry is responsible around 20 million jobs in the United States. Indeed, this industry is considered as the largest employer in this nation.
  • Sacramento, California is considered as America’s largest agricultural producer. This state is responsible for products such as rice, beer, almonds, beef, coffee, caviar, and many more.
  • The top 1 major food crop which the United States produces is corn. In 2014, the value of production for corn was at a staggering $50 billion.

farms in america

  • Aside from cows, sheep, chicken and pigs, horses, goats and even bees are also raised in the farm lands of the United States.
  • Unfortunately, the agriculture industry falls under the most hazardous industries. This is due to the usage of chemicals as well as the fact that farmers are highly at risk of injuries while they work in the field.
  • There are many research centers in the United States that focuses on agriculture. Health and safety in agricultural practices are among the most important aspects with which research is conducted on.
  • Female agricultural workers require more monitoring. This is because their reproductive health is at stake when it comes to toxic effects of pesticides and other chemicals used in farming and agriculture.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, agriculture plays a huge role in the economy of the United States. The U.S. agriculture industry alone has a tremendous contribution to the rest of the world. With that being said, farmers and other agricultural workers, all over this planet, should never be taken for granted. Let us be reminded that these people are risking their lives just to provide food and many other products that we, all, easily enjoy.