10 Facts You Should Know About Virtual Private Networks

what does a VPN do

More and more internet users want to invest in extra-security and privacy for their internet activities today as this is a way of maintaining online hygiene. One of the most popular and most reliable way to increase online security today is through the use of virtual private networks, also known as VPN. This is surely not news today as VPNs have been used by business companies and private internet users for awhile now.

However, in spite its popularity, there are still many facts about virtual private networks which people do not really know of. That said, we have decided to give you a run through of the most basic yet very important facts about VPNs.

Basic Facts

  • VPN providers know your data

Since virtual private network companies provide you with the VPN servers; they, obviously have access to your data. They know what you are up to online; however, these providers have certain measures which aim to mitigate or reduce the information they get from your activities.

  • VPN providers keep your data

They do not just have access to your data, they also keep your data in logs. And this is information is actually not hidden from the users. In fact, under the terms and agreements presented by the VPN providers, you will find that certain data will be kept by the providers given that they may be used as basis for future improvements of the services.

  • You are not entirely anonymous

Contrary to popular belief that using virtual private networks will completely conceal your identity and keep you fully anonymous, it actually does not. Although the server address will prevent others from being redirected to your home IP address, you are not entirely anonymous insofar as the VPN providers are concerned and that is because, they have access to your data. However, outside from this, you are more or less completely protected by their services.

benefits of using a VPN

  • Being hacked is still possible

You can never really zero out the possibility of getting hacked as hackers are very creative. However, with the use of virtual private networks, the possibility is extremely low since VPNs provide you with utmost security.

  • VPNs may increase or decrease internet speed

Not many may know this but using VPNs will not only decrease your internet speed, it may also increase it by the use of strongly encrypted virtual private networks as it may help prevent ISPs from throttling certain websites.

  • About 30 countries have banned VPNs

You can look for the top Nigerian VPN services or Singapore; however, you must know that all countries are in favor of the services offered by virtual private networks. In fact, there are 30 countries in the world which completely prohibit the use of VPNs. This ban may be because the government wants to preserve certain social values or strengthen national security. Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Vietnam are among the many countries which prohibit these services.

Bottom Line

Before signing up for VPN subscriptions, you should first get to know how things work in the world of virtual private networks. Moreover, you should carefully choose which providers to go for as not all of them offer the same types of services.